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Now, enter the Interest Rate Shown For Purchases  % Enter the Temporary Interest Rate Here  %
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If you make a Minimum Payment on your current credit card each month:
You pay this per month
At this rate, it will take you this long to pay off the balance
236 Months or 19.7 Years
And you will pay this much
in interest  $6,926

NOW, Let's Compute What Paymentflex® Could Save You
(Note: interest rates and required minimum payment % amount are set by your card issuer)
When You Pay % equals $500 get % 121 Months or 10.1 Years $2,711 $4,215
When You Pay % equals $1,000 get % 58 Months or 4.8 Years $702 $6,224
With Paymentflex® 
You'll SAVE 1.6 to 8.9 Times In Interest Charge Expense
You'll PAY OFF Your Balance 1.0 to 3.1 Times FASTER
And Potentially EARN 1.2 to 4.3 Times MORE Reward Points