“…rewards people for being
fiscally prudent.”

New York Times

“…a benefit that helps… cardholders…”

Ruth Susswein, Executive Director
Bankcard Holders of America
The Plain Dealer

“…a coup in the world of credit…”

Akron Beacon Journal

“…put(s) a new wrinkle into credit card
pricing (by) rewarding customers for
paying down their loans faster…”

American Banker

“…Simply Flexible is a win-win for customers. When they choose to pay more than their minimum monthly balance, they're rewarded with lower interest rates, the option of paying off their balance sooner and receiving a positive reflection on their credit rating.

We're excited to be one of the very few financial institutions to offer a flexible-rate credit card that truly puts the customer in charge.…”

Tom Dyck
Executive Vice President of Retail Product Management
TD Banknorth

Here’s what customers are saying about Paymentflex®:

"I've never seen a product like this before!"
"I like the ability to choose my interest charge savings every month!"
"I'm very excited about the ability to control my interest charge savings!"
"I already know I want to apply. You don't have to sell me on Paymentflex®."
"I'm willing to pay an annual fee in order to get an APR so incredible."
"It's about time the bank is on the customer's side."