With Paymentflex®

the more you pay

the MORE you save
Ease of Deployment

Technical Deployment

Paymentflex® is programmed on
TSYS and First Data Processing Systems

• easily and rapidly deployed,
as quickly as 60 days

Paymentflex® Technologies, LLC
provides consultative support for
rapid, effective deployment

Customer Communication

• Seamless, Transparent, Uncomplicated:
   no gimmicks, small type, etc.

• Simple to communicate, intuitive for the
   customer to understand

  ... “The more you pay, the more you save”

  ... “Interest Charge Savings Benefit always for
       all cardholders”

• With its flexibility and ease of deployment,
   Paymentflex® can be applied to bankcards
   and lending products, total portfolios or down
   to segment or program levels to maximize
   market and profitability opportunities.

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