Paymentflex® is the next


It is “transformational,”

transferring payment-driven

rewards control to the cardholder,

providing a “durable

competitive advantage”

on all measures

Those who do not adopt it

will need to deal with its

“disruptive impact”

Situational Analysis:  Credit Card Marketplace

The industry had profit success in the last 5+ years by growing in a
declining interest rate environment.

HOWEVER, the industry has consolidated, been distracted by technology issues,
resigning itself to commoditized products and penalty pricing.

There is also an apparent inability to reduce/replace a dependency on:

• 0% introductory offers
• balance transfer incentives
• reward / spend / card technology programs

Regulatory and consumer advocacy concerns (and “noise”) have reached new levels.

The credit card industry has matured.

Few new opportunities for differentiation exist... ENTER Paymentflex®
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